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Nice to meet you!

I'm Dieter, an illustrator based in Antwerp, Belgium. I have a passion for books, animals and everything that's a little bit strange. 

I like to invite spectators to explore the scenery.

My illustrations are bright and colorful with an eye for graphic composition. I like to draw funny details in my illustrations. My characters are quirky and mischievous, but also funny and slightly gullible.

In my illustrations, I always consider the context and want to convey the right feeling. This feeling or atmosphere emerges little by little because I follow my gut feeling. I experiment with colors and composition and like to try different things. I have an image in my head beforehand, but I never want to commit too much and still have enough freedom. For example, I am not a big fan of polished sketches, because then there's a risk that a certain spontaneity is lost when you completely work out the picture in advance.


Dieter De Schutter is an illustrator based in Antwerp. He uses a clear and dynamic visual language for his illustrations. His work has won several awards including 'Purple Island' of Nami Concours 2021, the international picturebook illustration awards of South Korea. 



Purple Island Award

Nami Concours

Nami Island, South-Korea


First Prize

GRAFIXX Greenhouse

Antwerp, Belgium


Special Mention

ELCAF x WeTransfer

London, UK



Toyama International Art Camp

Namerikawa, Japan


Schrijfresidentie deBuren,

Paris, France

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